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Here’s the lowdown on repositioning cruises

Here’s the lowdown on repositioning cruises

Repositioning cruises are cruises that start and end in different locations, allowing passengers to sail a lesser-explored, offbeat route - often for a cheaper price.

Guests with a taste for adventure love the off-the-beaten-track ports and longer itineraries, as well as the opportunity to stay on two different continents on one break: in both the start destination and the port of disembarkation. Meanwhile, those who enjoy all things onboard have significantly more sea days to delve into the activities, entertainment, and luxury relaxation on offer.

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Why do repositioning cruises exist?

Through the duration of a season, cruise ships usually stick to one route in one part of the world. For example, a cruise ship may be based in Sydney for regular trips to other ports in Australia, to the Pacific Islands or New Zealand during the southern hemisphere’s summer. But when winter strikes here, and the warm weather shines in the northern hemisphere, the ship needs to relocate to serve a new route. For instance, the same ship may be assigned to an Asian or North American itinerary. To make the most of these - often lengthy - passages, cruise companies offer tickets for passengers to take these unusual journeys, typically at a discounted rate.

How does a repositioning cruise differ from standard cruises?

  • You start and end in different places.

Boarding in one country and landing in another gives you the option to tack a couple of weeks in two different holiday destinations - potentially on different continents - onto your trip. This does mean that you’ll need to arrange transport back home, potentially from further afield. Alternatively, you could choose a cruise that starts from a destination away from home and sail your way back.

  • The itinerary is likely to involve more sea days

More sea days are the norm due to the long distances covered on these routes. This offers more opportunities for relaxing around the pool, drinking in the bar, or just getting stuck in to the many activities offered on board. And onboard activities are only getting bigger and better, from Royal Caribbean’s Ripcord wind tunnel skydiving experience to Norwegian Cruise Line’s Go Karts.

  • More off-the-beaten-track ports

In order to make these routes more appealing, repositioning cruises tend to include interesting, off-the-beaten-track ports along the way.

Furthermore, many repositioning cruises take longer to reach their destination than a standard two-week journey, as they often sail to a different continent, so guests are in for a lengthier adventure for a cheaper rate.

Tour the Pacific Islands on a repositioning cruise

Why choose a repositioning cruise?

Sailing on a repositioning cruise enables passengers to enjoy all the glamour and luxury of top cruise lines at a much lower cost than you’d usually pay for such an experience.

Then there are the unusual destinations: perhaps you’re widely-travelled and have already visited most of the ports on the usual cruise routes, or maybe you just enjoy off-the-beaten-track destinations. Either way, you’re bound to get a kick out of sailing a route that hardly anyone else gets to follow, and docking in ports your friends have never heard of.

What’s more, if you’re incorporating your repositioning cruise into an extended trip to another part of the world, travelling this way can save you the cost of a flight out, while offering up the opportunity to see parts of the world you might never get to otherwise.

Of course, there’s also the chance to explore. Relaxing and sightseeing on two different continents at either end of the trip, and taking a long journey at sea, has serious appeal for more adventurous passengers.

If this sounds like your kind of cruise, have a look at the repositioning cruises on offer.

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