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What to take on your first cruise

What to take on your first cruise

Planning your first cruise can present a lot of questions. The most pressing being what you should put in your suitcase. We're here to give you the answers, so read on to find out exactly which items you need and those that can stay in the drawers.

A popular query from our first-time cruisers is what clothes to bring. Of course, your destination plays a key part in the answer, so start by packing your usual outfits for whatever the season - and check out these do's and don'ts for everything else!

Take a few 'smart casual' outfits – When dining in restaurants, passengers are required to cover up a little. Cocktail dresses and smart shirts aren't a necessity, but you will be required to change out of your thongs and short shorts when entering dining areas. Casual dresses, tidy T-shirts and longer shorts, plus clean sandals and shoes, are all fine for these smart-casual areas.
Pack a couple of formal outfits – On most cruises there are special formal nights that require cruise guests to dress in suits and dresses. Don't be caught short – make sure you have something elegant and smart to wear on these evenings.
Remember comfortable shoes – You'll find yourself spending a lot of time walking around the ship to check everything out, and the shore excursions can often include a lot of time on your feet. Be sure to pack comfortable sneakers or sandals to avoid any reasons to miss out on the fun!

Wear heels – For your safety, it's a good idea to stick to flat shoes while on-board. The outdoor decks can get a little slippery and have small gaps between the planking - two things that spell disaster for anyone wearing high heels! Opt for wedges if you are looking to dress up a little, to avoid any slips or falls.

If there's one thing that's imperative for your cruise holiday, it's boarding documents. Regardless of age, anyone hoping to cruise must present photo identification.

Travelling to any foreign ports? Every passenger will need a passport with at least six months validity from the last day of your cruise. Taking a cruise up the coast, without any international stops? Australian residents don't need passports, but will require some form of photo ID - driver's licences, Medicare cards and other government-issued documents are accepted.

Other items
The ships can vary when it comes to country of origin, and with these variations come different electrical sockets. Before boarding, be sure to check whether your cruise is aboard a British,American or other foreign vessel, as you may require a universal adaptor to charge your appliances.

Multi-plug boards, hairdryers and other electrical appliances are not allowed on most cruise ships and will be confiscated at embarkation. If you are unsure of what can be brought on-board, give the Cruise Sale Finder consultants a call to discuss the regulations - we're happy to help.

Although there aren't limits with regards to the size or number of bags you can take, it's important to note that the more belongings you carry, the less space you will have in your cabin! Also bear in mind that although cruise lines don't have limits, airlines do - so if there are any flights involved in your trip, be sure to check first to avoid pesky charges.

Don't forget:

Passports and boarding passes
Appliances require a universal plug
Clothing suitable for onboard including daytime comfort, smart casual and formal.
Keep an eye on your bag size and weight

If you can remember the above, then you will have all of the essentials to enjoy an incredible time aboard one of the many ships sailing our seas. Enjoy!

I'm new to the cruise industry, but travel is definitely something close to my heart! Last year I spent time in the UK, as well as Tokyo, Paris and Shanghai, but I still have a long list of places I'd like to visit. Cruising is the perfect way to make your journey between destinations as memorable and enjoyable as the time you spend in new cities, and I'm looking forward to helping you create the perfect trip.

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