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This is not just any new cruise ship.

This is not just any new cruise ship.

For avid fans of cruise holidays, a new cruise ship on the horizon is always cause for anticipation, but no vessel has stirred up more excitement in the lead up to its launch and even post-launch than the revolutionary Celebrity Edge. The stunning ship from Celebrity Cruises has burst open a new era in modern luxury cruising and lit the way for a line of successors to emerge which will mirror and eventually build upon the innovations of the Edge. Embarking on her maiden voyage only late last year, this vessel still feels brand new and is likely stay feeling that way for some years to come thanks to its fresh approach to the concept of holidaying at sea. Discover what’s got everyone so excited about Celebrity Edge and find out what’s up next for Celebrity Cruises, a line which is reshaping the world of cruising for 21st century.

The Spaces 

Eden, a versatile space aboard Celebrity Edge, is a feast for all the senses.

One of the big ways that Celebrity Edge has set itself apart from its predecessors is with a radical imagining of its spaces. To create the Edge difference, Celebrity Cruises brought onboard a team of award winning architects and designers who at times seemed to rewrite the book on what cruise ships should look like and at other times appear to have thrown out that book entirely. One prime example of this free thinking is the ship’s Rooftop Garden.

The Edge is a vessel that blurs the line between inside and outside on a regular basis, and no where is there a better example of that than the Rooftop Garden on the Resort Deck. Nestled amidst serene leafy surroundings, guests can simply choose to luxuriate in the refreshing atmosphere, order a tasty cocktail, or satisfy their cravings with a tasty morsel from the Rooftop Garden Grill. There’s even the chance to experience an artful fusion of film and food at Celebrity’s A Taste of Film event.

Moving indoors, the versatile, multipurpose Eden is designed to engage all of your senses. From meals prepared in an open air kitchen by culinary performance artists to entertainment that transcends the limits of traditional cruise shows, there’s always something in Eden to surprise and delight you. Encased in glass, allowing for vast sea vistas, Eden also has al fresco dining spaces so guests can bask in the sun and sea breezes. It’s difficult to picture the immense nature of this lovingly designed space unless you see it for yourself, but let’s just say that this is one of the grandest areas crafted for a cruise ship to date.

Eden and the Rooftop Garden pale in significance compared to the bizarre genius of the Celebrity Edge Magic Carpet however. This cantilevered floating platform, which can be shifted to different decks to accommodate various uses, is fully kitted out with generous seating, a bar and even space for live music. Whether it’s serving as one of the world’s most spectacular open air dining experiences or a fun extension to the main pool area, there’s no denying that the Magic Carpet tackles the idea of seagoing holidays in an utterly new and exciting way.

The Experiences

Celebrity Edge will reinvent your expectations for cruise food.

There’s more to love about holidaying on Celebrity Edge than just the ship though. Celebrity Cruises have gone out of their way to make sure that time spent aboard this vessel really stands out from the crowd. Among the most noticeable stand out experiences on the Edge is the dining. With 29 different food and beverage experiences, crafted by a Michelin-starred chef, awaiting those who board Celebrity Edge, it’s immediately obvious that whether you’re hoping to find your flavour niche or open yourself to a world of taste, you’ll be able to do so in style.

While most ships would consider one main dining room more than enough, Celebrity Edge has no less than four. These aren’t just various copies of a single concept either - each one has its own distinct style and menu. And don’t worry: if you’ve sailed with Celebrity before and are one of the many who fell in love with the line’s main dining room fare, a visit to Cosmopolitan Restaurant (one of the four complimentary restaurants) will see you right. This particular venue builds on the classic Celebrity dining experience for a modern American-inspired menu with international elements. Other fare-inclusive options are Cyprus, a Greek inspired restaurant, Normandie featuring contemporary French cuisine and Tuscan, boasting the heartwarming, full-bodied flavours of southern Italy.

But that’s just the main dining venues. When it comes to specialty restaurants (arguably one of the best value additional costs on any cruise) Celebrity Edge is ready to show you the world. From the experiential dishes of Eden and the wondrous digital dinner-theatre of Le Petit Chef and Friends to the firm favourites available at places like Fine Cut Steakhouse and Raw on 5, those willing to pay just a little extra can find out just how far Celebrity have gone to bring their guests unforgettable experiences.

As wonderful as the food is, it’s not the only experience which Celebrity Cruises has reimagined for the Edge. The entertainment onboard goes far beyond standard cruise ship shows. Perhaps the most traditional entertainment space on Celebrity Edge is The Theatre, but even this place offers a refreshingly modern twist on the standard stage show. With four stage areas, three giant projected backdrops, aerial rigging and rotating spiral staircases, The Theatre is an endlessly versatile space.

Then there’s Eden - this isn’t just a dining and relaxation area as mentioned above, but also a non-traditional performance space where you can find enthralling entertainments happening all around you. Whatever you’re expecting to find at Eden, your expectations will almost certainly be overturned for the better. If it’s live music you’re after, you might just find it under the stars on the Resort Deck or suspended high above the waves on the Magic Carpet - and The Club will see party animals at one with the beats well into the wee hours.

What’s Next?

Celebrity Cruises Edge class has many exciting things in store for cruise holidaymakers.

While Celebrity Edge may in many ways be one-of-a-kind right now, the creation of the Edge is far from a one-off for Celebrity Cruises. There are currently four different Edge-class vessels in various stages of development - the first of which, Celebrity Apex, is due to be on the waves by Easter next year.

  • Celebrity Apex (Autumn 2020)
  • Celebrity Beyond (Spring 2021)
  • Celebrity Element (Spring 2022)
  • Celebrity Venus (Spring 2024)

Having broken the mould with Celebrity Edge, Celebrity Cruises is eager to build on this bold new initiative with a small family of ships which together will spearhead a movement toward a more modern, innovative and joyous style of cruising.

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From party cruises in the Baltic to a classy Cunard voyage, I’ve been lucky enough to experience the full spectrum of cruise life. Onboard you’ll probably find me by the pool with a doorstop sized book in one hand and a mojito in the other, or sampling an array of delicious foods.

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