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Dream Cruises

Taking a Dream cruise is a one-of-a-kind experience. This is a cruise line which many in New Zealand aren’t very familiar with, but that’s changing fast as word spreads about this new style of cruising which offers unique and luxurious experiences at surprisingly low prices. Featuring three visually striking vessels, Explorer Dream, Genting Dream and World Dream, Dream Cruises have a wide array of eye-catching itineraries, ranging from nation-spanning sailings carrying guests from Shanghai to Sydney, to Dream Cruises in NZ which explore Aotearoa as part of a larger voyage. ... Read more

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This is a line which wholeheartedly dives into providing unique experiences for their guests, from undersea excursions in submersibles to onboard fireworks displays. Go beyond the ordinary and discover new things to delight you every day on a Dream cruise.

Dream Cruises Ships in NZ

Explorer Dream - This ship is calling in to Australian and New Zealand waters

Genting Dream - Genting Dream routinely sails out of Singapore on itineraries around Asia

World Dream - With cruises out of Hong Kong, the beautiful World Dream shows guests the best of Asia

Cruises Uniting Disparate Worlds

While Genting Hong Kong, the company behind Dream Cruises, has been facilitating cruise holidays for almost a quarter century, Dream Cruises itself is a fresh new experience designed to combine the influences of Asia with a globe spanning appeal. The brand’s visual motif featuring the love between an astronaut and mermaid, a motif featured on the hulls of both Explorer Dream and Genting Dream amongst other places, plays to this marriage of Asian and international influences. Prices for Dream voyages are cheap considering the luxurious nature of this line, and there’s no question that Dream Cruises goes out of its way to present guests with experiences that you’re unlikely to find on any other sort of cruise holiday. Get your party animal on at the renowned Zouk club at sea, explore undersea in an actual submersible or live the suite life in the surroundings of the ultra-luxurious Palace.

Dream Cruises Destinations

It’s all very well to have amazing things to do onboard, but Dream Cruises doubles down by visiting a host of amazing destinations as well. Cruises from Shanghai are a staple for this cruise line, with some of these voyages tracing their way down past all sorts of exotic locales before cruising along Australia’s east coast. The Genting Dream routinely sails from Singapore, introducing guests to the delights of nations like Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Some Dream Cruises in Australia you can choose also sail along the coast, calling into local ports like Cairns, Darwin and Sydney. You can even select a Dream cruise in NZ, starting from Australia or Asia and making its way around some of the most beautiful spots in Aotearoa.

Amazing Dream Cruises Deals

It’s rare to find discount price tags on luxurious cruise travel, but when you book a Dream cruise with Cruise Sale Finder, that’s exactly what you’ll discover. Voyages which are cheap for the incredible value they offer are common here, and you’ll have plenty of selection when it comes to destinations. Cruises leaving from Shanghai are on the table, as are deals out of Hong Kong and Australasian cruises departing from cities like Brisbane, Darwin and Sydney.

Step Aboard a Dream Cruise

You’ll never be short of excellent reasons to take a holiday with Dream Cruises, but the onboard experience is undoubtedly amongst those reasons. Stunning live shows are par for the course here, as well as intriguing enrichment events to keep your mind engaged. On the food front, you can sample cuisines from all across the globe - there are dozens of different options for dining and drinking, so make sure to try as many as possible. When the sun goes down, the Zouk club at sea is the place to be - a nightclub which will entice you into partying till the sun comes up. There’s even an exciting selection of places to grab a drink - no matter your style, you’re sure to find a spot to enjoy a drink which suits you down to a tee.