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We New Zealanders are lucky to have so many great cruise destinations at our doorstep, but that doesn’t mean we never feel like exploring other parts of the world. Rather than spending your valuable time trying to coordinate flights to match up with a cruise you want to take in another part of the world, book a fly cruise package and keep it simple. Choose flights to and from your port of departure at the same time as you book the cruise holiday of your dreams. With everything rolled into one, it’s never been easier to soar in and set sail - anywhere in the world you may want to go.

Dream big

A whole new world awaits you when you book a fly cruise package. While the cruises departing New Zealand are amazing, there are also many brilliant destinations worldwide. You could explore the cultural delights of Europe, the joys of Mediterranean hospitality, or the endless sand, sun and sea of the Caribbean via a megaship from the mainland of North America. Give in to your wanderlust and book a fly cruise package.

Anyone who complains that travel is too stressful has obviously never experienced the simplicity of cruising. If you want to check out new destinations while traveling and living in comfort and style, then a fly cruise is exactly what you need. Fly cruise packages are also great for travellers who are interested in trying out different lines - especially ones that don’t set sail from New Zealand. Exciting destinations, luxurious cruise lines, awe-inspiring experiences: it’s holidaymaking at its finest!

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All of the packages available are listed here on this page, so add a bookmark and return frequently to find the best deal for this year’s holiday. Both MSC Cruises and  Paul Gauguin Cruises frequently have fly cruise packages on offer, providing an opportunity for Kiwis to enjoy stunning Tahitian beaches, dazzling Caribbean seas and awesome Mediterranean coastlines. Happy international cruising!

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