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Christmas cruises are the stress free way to experience the holidays

While Christmas traditions can be nice, maybe this year instead of going with the tide, you could go with a Yuletide cruise! For a holiday that’s the perfect mix of fun and tranquility, a Christmas cruise may be just the thing. Although some people struggle with the choice between a traditional holiday and an intrepid vacation at sea, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone with regrets after a Christmas cruise. Spend December 25th in a culturally rich port city, or gently sailing over the waves on your way to another unforgettable destination. The sheer freedom from the usual hustle and bustle and responsibilities of the holidays will have you humming songs of peace and joy before you even realize it!

Experience a family Christmas cruise or escape from it all

Christmas cruises attract a few different types of people. Mainly, those who have decided to keep their family routine intact aside from a change of location, and those seeking a unique holiday experience. Whether travelling with children, a significant other, a group of friends, or flying solo, you’ll undoubtedly feel refreshed by the change of pace. Shake off the typical pressures of the Christmas season and unwind at sea.

Cruise lines recognize that celebrating Christmas on the water can be a difficult decision, so crew are very attentive to your every need. The fact that meals are provided (and there are no dishes or cleanup to do afterward ) will also put you in a relaxed state of mind. Generally, ships are festively decorated during Christmas, but not to the point that it will be “in your face” if you’re trying to get away from it all. Christmas cruisers are under no obligation to take part in any of the themed festivities, but if you’re looking to catch the Christmas spirit, there will be plenty of holiday cheer in the air!

Select the ideal Christmas cruise

While carollers back home may be singing about glad tidings of great joy, you’ll be riding the tides into a world of wonder! There’s no better way to learn about how other cultures celebrate Christmas than through firsthand experience! Deciding on the best cruise begins with choosing your top destinations and who you plan to travel with. Flying solo or in a pair will provide you with endless options, but if you’re trying to coordinate a large extended family, the sooner you book, the greater your options will be. Both Princess and Holland America are host to many Christmas cruise itineraries of varying lengths.

You can’t go wrong with a family holiday on a South Pacific cruise, a trip around New Zealand or on the other side of the ditch in Oz. Choosing from these popular cruise lines will provide added peace of mind as you spend your Christmas at sea: Carnival, P&O Cruises, and Royal Caribbean.

Remember, if spending the 25th away from home doesn’t jive with your traditions, you can still catch a taste of the Christmas cruise spirit on a dazzlingly decorated ship in the weeks leading up to the big day, or embark on Boxing Day. Check out the December cruises listed on the homepage to begin weighing your options.

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