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One of the most exciting times of the year is undeniably New Year's Eve! Everyone wants to make sure they start their year off on the right foot, and it’s hard to imagine a better way to do that than taking a comfortable cruise to an exciting location. Whatever your reasons for wanting to set sail circa December 31st, there are myriad itineraries from which to choose. The key to ensuring the vacation of your dreams is to book sooner, rather than later, as this is a peak time of year for intrepid voyagers.

Ease into the New Year

It’s pretty obvious that a cruise is already teeming with excitement, which is why so many people already choose to hit the high seas. Of course, these entertaining features also make cruises ideal for those seeking some added zest to their New Year’s plan. If you’re flying solo, you’re sure to meet other like-minded travelers to party with; if traveling with mates or a significant other, your bonds will be further strengthened.

Think about this sample NYE cruise plan: Enjoy a scrumptious meal at a restaurant without having to haggle over who’s picking up the cheque; head to a stage show where you don’t have to worry about paying more for top-notch seating; then continue the evening’s fun with libations at any one of the ship’s bars. Want even more great news? Remember that after ringing in the New Year all night long, you are free of responsibilities the next day, so you can just relax! Sleep in, grab brunch, hang out poolside or just watch the horizon to see if you can tell where the ocean and sky meet.

Don’t worry though, there are still plenty of activities available for guests who want to get up early and seize the day. Take a morning exercise class, watch the sun rise above the waves or indulge in the leisurely exploration of a new destination.

If all this talk about ease of travel, myriad entertainment options and exciting destinations has you feeling excited for your summer holiday, then a cruise might be exactly what you need. It’s also worth reminding you that you won’t have to do household chores or deal with sticky floors after hosting a party. An NYE cruise also alleviates the need for driving, so you can avoid high taxi fares and concerns about friends drinking and driving.  For those seeking the recipe for a fabulous New Year’s Eve, read on: a touch of class, free-flowing beverages, delicious eats, and a group of fabulous travelers all looking to begin their year in the same awesome way as you!

Start your year off right with a New Year cruise to the destination of your choice. No matter if you’re in a fabulous port city on the 31st or celebrating at sea, you’ll love the fun, freedom and flexibility of a cruise holiday.

Track down New Year cruise deals

Great deals on New Year’s Eve cruises are available on this site. Cruise Sale Finder focuses on cruises setting sail from New Zealand and although many are destined for local ports, or nearby Australia and the South Pacific islands, there a plenty routes available to take you all over the world. Whether you seek the white sands beaches of the Caribbean, the culture of the Mediterranean, or the cuisine of Southeast Asia, we have you covered. Pick where you want to start off your year, and bring your dreams to fruition.
Start planning your cruise getaway now - kick off the New Year in style with one of a vast range of well beloved cruise lines including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess and P&O.

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