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Love watching sports AND cruising? Take a look at these sporting itineraries.

What do sports enthusiasts and cruise holidaymakers have in common? They know that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest! Cruise lines have begun to recognise that many of the same people who love cruising also love sporting events; that’s why you no longer have to choose between a holiday with your spouse and taking in a match with your mates.

With many different itineraries combining tickets for spectator sports with a stint at sea, you have the best of both worlds at your fingertips. Watch a horse race by day, and have dinner on the water that evening. Catch a football match in one city and rugby at the next port. Whatever sports you’re into, our list of cruise lines is sure to have an option to literally float your boat.

Cruise to see your team’s chance at championship

The increased popularity of sports cruises has resulted in a wider variety of games and matches being available to holidaymakers. One such itinerary you can check out is the Melbourne Cup Cruises, which P&O Cruises and Carnival have had on their list for many years. Some events featured on cruise programs, mainly by P&O, include: The State of Origin and NRL nines league tournaments (rugby), and the Australian Open (tennis). Some cruise lines have even attended grandiose events such as Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand.

Rev up your vacation with Azamara Club and Silversea: Two cruise lines that combine luxury with motorsports in a way you never thought possible.  Sail across the beautiful Mediterranean sea in style on your way to the Monaco Grand Prix on a glamourous boutique vessel, and enjoy a fun, classy holiday.  

A perfect combination

Cruising helps you to avoid one of the downsides of attending sporting events in other cities: trying to book travel and accommodations at the exact same time as thousands of other people! Once you sign up for a sport event cruise , you can avoid the rest of the hassle. With all of your transport, room and board, transfers, etc. already taken care of, your only jobs are to pack a team jersey and practice your favourite cheers. 

Sometimes all of the hype of sporting matches can leave you feeling overwhelmed. When your team wins, you’re sure to be in high spirits and wanting to celebrate! Should the unthinkable happen, you’re going to want to pour yourself into activities to take your mind off of the loss. Either way, what better place to unwind than a holiday at sea? Eat, drink and be merry; simply relax and enjoy the blue view.

One of the fun aspects of sports cruises is the fact that many are actually themed specifically for the event to which you’re sailing. You may encounter retired players, theme parties, and previous games aired in pubs while aboard the ship. What better way to put you in the sporting mood before arriving at the port where your favourite event will be held.

Once you’ve decided to hop onboard a sports cruise, you can find a great itinerary right here. Check out the great deals below!

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